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It can happen any day, quite unexpectedly. You are going about your business of work, family, life, and then a wild animal interrupts everything. It could be a baby bird on your porch or an injured squirrel in the street. It could be presented to you by a child or a pet. However it happens, this unfortunate creature becomes the center of your life for a short time--and if you care about animals you want to do something, anything, to help.

The choices you make will have an impact on that animal’s life and possibly your own. Having knowledge about the risks to the animal as well as to you, your family and your pets, along with the right advice from the beginning, can mean the difference between a heartwarming, educational experience and disaster.

Rescuing Wildlife - A Guide to Helping Injured and Orphaned Animals assists you in determining if an animal is truly in need of help, and walks you through safe capture techniques and transportation. Safety is stressed throughout each step as the reader learns how to properly handle and package an animal, and how to locate a wildlife rehabilitator.

Written by a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, Rescuing Wildlife - A Guide to Helping Injured and Orphaned Animals, is your POCKET REFERENCE GUIDE walking you through those important decisions WHEN YOU NEED IT! Keep a copy in the glove compartment of your car for easy reference at home and on the road.

Can you re-introduce the baby back to its parents? and, if so, how?

How can you quickly find help and keep the wild animal stable until help is found?

How can you protect yourself, your family and pets from exposure to diseases and parasites that wild animals can carry?